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I’m Anouk, a graphic designer and illustrator based in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. I love telling stories through colour, shape and form, without the need for too much words. 

I grew up on a flower farm in the south of NL and remember I always used to get out in the fields with my notebook and draw or write. Just me and a blanc sheet full of possibilities. I loved books, fresh notebooks, and textured paper. However, I stopped drawing after I left primary school. Even during my Graphic Design studies, I didn’t really spend my time drawing anymore. I just didn’t know where to start and thought it wasn’t something I could be doing full-time. After finishing my studies, I started working as an employed graphic designer. After a few years, I wanted to add more feeling to the superficial aspect of graphic design, it needed more flavor and soul. I then bought an iPad and that’s where my love for illustration ignited again. I started mixing graphic design and illustration and loved it. Those enhanced each other. I keep getting inspired by everyday life, nature and flowers; how it’s so imperfect and full of colors but at the same time always in balance.
To me, art and graphic design stand for how we see the world. It captures the special moments in our lives and provides a new perspective that can kindle gratitude towards our day-to-day life.
prints & other places on the internet:
art prints available at Wallbaby
art prints available at The Poster Club
art prints available at IXXI
art prints available at PSTR studio
blog interview VaiVen Multibrand
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