From the very start, Atelier Aha has been more than a place to share my work or an online shop with prints. It is a place that was created with a desire to share stories & love – without a goal or expectation in mind. It has taught me to look around me, trained me to stay wondered and most importantly, it has brought me into contact with people who are looking for that same beauty around them. And I believe people who are always looking for beauty & are consciously interacting with all things around them have their hearts in a good place.  

Beautiful & honest things don’t scream for your attention. But they deserve it! Via these online anecdotes I want to give them a place of attention here, on the Internet. To keep the notes from disappearing in my archived digital folders, in one of my many notebooks or in my head,  And I secretly hope someone else will enjoy them as much as I do.

Love, Anouk