I love colour! A lot. Especially the search for combinations that are even better together than they are on their own. It’s one of my biggest hobbies, the search for a balance between different shades and hues. It’s fascinating how colours are beautiful on their own, but together they lift each other and evoke a different emotion. In this subcategory of this journal,  I wan’t to show you some of these combinations that have caught my eye.

On Pinterest, I have a number of folders where some of my favourite images of combinations go. One of these folders: Misty Blue with a hint of Carmine Red. Big favourite! It’s one of my favorite colors, light blue. It makes my sometimes chaotic head calm, gives me a warm and safe feeling.

(About the hint of Carmine Red, I can make 50 blogs like this about color combinations with the red. 9/10 times it will be 10/10. But, this colour with the Misty Blue hits perfectly right.)

One day, when I have my own house in the countryside somewhere, I will paint the walls in this misty blue color & throw a crimson quilt blanket over the end of the bed. Just so you know.